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putin's moves out of touch, and in the meantime, hillary clinton compared vlad putin to adolf hitler. folks, the mood is tenls. the region unstable, but let's bring it to the table and talk about the political ramifications. bob, i'm going to start with you. your thoughts on everything? >> first, i think the eu stepped forward more quickly than i thought. what the russians have said is they ought to stick to an agreement with the eu that was made by the former president, which will not happen. it's interesting to me that these elections -- somebody will be elected who will be pro-western. the former president who is now hiding out in the soviet union had a deal with the russians to extend their lease on the naval base for about 25 years. it was supposed to be up in 2017. that will not happen. curious to see what putin does. the second thing that strikes me is so far as i can tell, maybe shep can fill us in on this, but i don't think they have moved more troops to the border of crimea and ukraine. >> okay. let me ask you about this. the $15 billion the eu promised to help ukraine out
obama toasting the queen when he wasn't supposed to, awkward. >> that's awkward. >> and hillary clinton pressing the reset button but really saying we're going to charge you more because she didn't interpret russian the proper way. >> right. >> but they didn't -- >> how about the queen of england -- >> how about when president bush turned in china to go out that door and it was locked. that was a good awkward moment, but the "new york times" put five photographs on the front page of the "new york times" the next morning. >> this is a b f'ing deal. >> how about vomiting in japan which was the title of my new song. >> this was h.w. bush. >> queen of england came and put her on the podium to speak and all of her hats. >> they forgot to pull out the -- the little apple box. >> oh, i see. >> i'm excited because you're about to read my one more thing. tease it, babe. >> ahead on "the five," pope francis runs into his mini me outside the vatican but the meeting didn't go so well. we'll show you exactly what happened. up next, greg is fuming about a new attempted crackdown on e-cigarettes at ca
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2